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“I first discovered Wildflour gluten free through a friend who found the products at the Redmond Farmer’s Market. I was hooked immediately and the Hazelnut, poppyseed, pumpkin bread is now my staple bread. It’s texture and consistency mimic wheat breads and it holds together well for sandwiches. I buy several loaves at once and freeze it, pre-sliced. Then I take it out and toast one slice at a time when I want it. All of the products freeze well so I only make the trek to Bellevue about once a month. I also love the scones, cookies and other artisan breads. I have been gluten free for 23 years and my family used to make fun of what I ate. Now I have to hide Wildflour products as my whole family loves them. My husband says these products are so good you would not know they are gluten free and they are better than many wheat based products he has eaten. Rebecca is very easy to work with and has often accommodated special orders for me. I appreciate that she uses local and seasonal ingredients whenever possible. The quality of ingredients definitely contributes to the cost of her products but I think they are worth it.”


“Wildflour Gluten-Free Baking Company is a true jewel. Rebecca has love, innovativeness, integrity, and magic in her hands. Her products are literally permeated with these attributes. Every bite down to the last crumb is a delicious delight. The balance of moistness, sweetness, richness is superb. I love to close my eyes and let the baked goods melt on my tongue as I savor each herb and/or spice ingredient. YUMMY! I’ve shared her banana bread, savory biscuits, & lemon-lavender bars with many friends who are not on gluten-free diets – 100% of these folks cannot tell these rich and delectable desserts are made without gluten flour. They loved them as much as I do.”